Nov, 02 2014

Canadian Hero Fund – Today We Launch Our 11 for 11 Campaign

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Dear Friends,

In the wake of recent events in Ottawa and St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, Canadians have been looking for an outlet to show our Canadian Forces members and their families that we care and that we are behind them 100%. The outpouring of support for the families of Corporal Nathan Cirillo and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent in recent days was inspiring, and truly Canadian.

The greatest tragedy when Canada loses a soldier, is the family and friends who lose a loved one, and the children who lose their hero. This was never more evident than in the face of young Marcus Cirillo, the son of Corporal Nathan Cirillo. Pictures of Marcus with his father, and at his father’s funeral, broke our hearts. But they also give us hope for the future of a young man with a brave role model for a father, a strong community around him, and an entire country behind him.

I think it is really important that we never forget Marcus. He represents every child who has lost a parent in service to Canada.

Since 2002, over 150 soldiers have given their lives for our country. Like Corporal Nathan Cirillo, many of them have left young children behind. Until last week, most of us had never seen the faces of the children who lost a parent. But these children are out there, some as young as Marcus, others young adults now, and they have all given something to Canada that we can never fully repay.

Marcus Cirillo Canadian Hero Fund

For those of you who are familiar with the Canadian Hero Fund, you’ll know myself and others started this organization 5 years ago with those very children in mind. Since 2010, we have provided over $175,000 in scholarships to 15 different children of fallen Canadian soldiers. When Marcus is old enough, he will be eligible for these scholarships too. The goal of the Canadian Hero Fund is to be there, for every single child of our fallen soldiers, to provide the financial support they need in order to pursue their dreams.

And so, in the wake of these recent tragedies, that is our challenge to you: Help us raise scholarship funds for every single child of our fallen Canadian soldiers.

From now until November 11th, you can join us in donating $11 – $1 a day – to this scholarship fund.

To learn more and to donate:

We can do this for Marcus. We can do this for all of the children of our fallen Canadian soldiers.

At the end of the day, we can never give as much as they did.

Best regards,


Quotes from our Scholarship Recipients:

“This scholarship means to me that people do realize behind every great soldier is a family, behind every man holding a gun is a woman holding his children, and behind every casket going down the highway of heroes is the family following.”

“I am truly grateful for what this organization is doing for me and others like myself. To me, the Canadian Hero Fund represents hope and a helping hand to those who need it.”

“Dad always said to my Mum, “If anything ever happens to me make sure you send the boys to good school.” Canadian Hero Fund has helped tremendously by providing me with financial assistance to pursue a higher education.”

“The Canadian Hero Fund represents something very important. It shows that what happened to our parents is not forgotten.”

Photo Credit: Toronto Star