Let’s raise scholarship funds for every single child of our fallen Canadian Soldiers.

One of the greatest tragedies when Canada loses a soldier, is the family behind that soldier, and the son or daughter who loses their hero. Since 2002, over 150 soldiers have given their lives in service to Canada.

Inspired by the outpouring of support for the families, we’ve decided to raise money for every single child of our fallen Canadian heroes. All of the funds we raise will go towards academic scholarships (college, university or trade school) for the children of fallen soldiers.

Our goal over the next 11 days is to raise $11,111 towards this scholarship fund. Our idea is simple: from now until November 11th, if Canadians give just $1 a day – $11 each – we can easily reach our goal and we will be one step closer to providing scholarships for every single child of our fallen Canadian heroes.

When Canada loses a soldier, and a child loses their hero, one of the best ways we can begin to respond to such a loss is by ensuring that those children have full access to post-secondary education and the financial support they need to follow their dreams.

We can do this for all children of fallen Canadian soldiers.

Please join us.


Ways you can get involved:

schools (1)

Schools across the country are participating in the 11 for 11 campaign this November. Learn more about how your school can get involved.

corporate (1)

Canadian businesses play an important role in the 11 for 11 campaign. Download our corporate package to learn how your company can help.


Want to volunteer on the 11 for 11 campaign? We’re looking for passionate individuals across the country to help us raise funds and awareness.


Find an event in your area or organize one in support of the 11 for 11 campaign. We’re in cities from coast to coast to coast and would like to see you.